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t-ride ※このエントリ中の点数およびレビュアーの名前はおぼろげな記憶領域から引っぺがしてきたものであり、間違っている可能性が無きにしも非ずです。


HR/HMを聴き始めるきっかけは友達が見せてくれたMETALLICA"One"のPVと、そいつが何気なくプレイヤーにかけたBLIND GUARDIAN『Somewhere Far Beyond』から流れてきた"Time What Is Time"でした。モノクロで統一された演出による"One"の世界観と激しさに何かが目覚め、"Time What Is Time"の甘美とも言えるメロディの洪水に止めを刺されたのです。

それから『BURRN!』誌に手が伸びるのも時間の問題でした。この頃既にMETALLICAのギタリスト、Kirk Hammettの影響からKirkの師匠であるJoe Satrianiのお弟子さん達にまで興味が移っていました。そんな中、『B!』のニュース記事の中で「T-RIDEというJoe Satrianiの教え子が在籍するバンドがデビュー。そのお披露目となるショウにはKirk Hammettも・・・」という一文が目に飛び込んできました。


by 酒井康(当時の編集長)


1. Zombies from Hell ・・・ ホラーテイスト満タンなSEからネオクラシカル的なギターソロが切り込んでくるのが印象的なオープニング・ナンバー。『Joe Satrianiの教え子』という印籠を早くも出しちゃいました!みたいな。独特なVo.の声もとても味わい深く、コーラスワークもバッチリ。エクセレンッ!
2. Backdoor Romeo ・・・ #1同様、ホラーテイスト満タンなSE→コーラス→ネオクラシカル的なギターソロという順番をちょっと弄っただけかよ!と思わせといてフックのあるメロディとサビが特徴的な曲。エクセレンッ!
3. Ride ・・・ うねるようなヴォーカルとそれに絡みつくギターとベースとドラムスというシンプルな曲ながら地声?なハイトーンのサビがとってもエクセレンッ!
4. You and Your Friend ・・・ いきなりメロディアスになりペースチェンジを聴き手に強制するかのような名曲。ベースの音が非常に効果的に使われていて隙間のある曲にキーボードがまとわりついてとってもムーディーです。エクセレンッ!
5. I Hunger ・・・ ここでギアを再び元の位置に戻す。この作品の特徴に『ドラムスが跳ね、ベースがその周りを跳ね回るような感覚』というのが常にあるのだけれど、ソレがこの曲では特にいい感じに鳴っている。コーラスも最高の使い方だしサビへと至る展開もエクセレンッ!
6. Luxury Cruiser ・・・ 映画のサントラにも使われた曲。3ピースならではの音の空間と印象的なサビ、捻くれた曲展開及び抜群のコーラスワークと忘れた頃に飛び出す『Joe Satrianiの教え子』という印籠。完璧。エクセレンッ!
7. Hit Squad ・・・ 高速に捲し立てる攻撃的なヴォーカルに大げさにならないクワイアを絡めて跳ねるドラムスとベースのコンビネーションが完璧な曲。エクセレンッ!
8. Bad Girls and Angels ・・・ 一番のお気に入り。低音と高音を見事に使いこなすVo.の力量の素晴らしさ!このアルバムに捨て曲という物は存在しないが、何よりも素晴らしいのがどの曲にも最高のクライマックス(サビ)が用意されているという事。もうね、エックセレンッ!!と言わざるを得ないというね。
9. Bone Down ・・・ ギターを大きくフューチャーしたインスト。この曲のパーツは皆さんも一回はTVで聴いた事があるかも知れない。正に『Joe Satrianiの教え子』という印がココにあるのです。エクセレンッ!
10. Fire It Up ・・・ 妖艶なポルノ女優の喘ぎ声で幕が開く曲。電車の中で聴く時は注意が必要!ってぐらい妖しい声。エレクトッ!曲はほとんどがコーラスで覆われていてとても耳に馴染む。エクセレンッ!
11. Heroes and Villains ・・・ 最後を飾るのは独特のVo.を惜しげもなく披露する、叙情的かつ根底に流れるシアトリカルな雰囲気十分な曲。非常に綺麗な曲でもあります。エクセレンッ!

というエクセレンッ!な11曲が収録されております。『Joe Satrianiの教え子』が在籍するバンドというレッテルはもしかしたらギター鳴りまくりの偏った作品をイメージされてしまうかも知れませんが、実際はソロは曲のアクセントに過ぎず、かといって引き過ぎずといったいい塩梅で、バンド全体のアンサンブルを前面に押し出しています。3ピースバンドならではの音の隙間もとっても魅力的です。

このバンドの面白さは聴く人によって印象がまるで違うところにあると思います。僕なんかはQUEEN+グラムロック+スラッシュメタルだと思っているのですが、ある人は『DEF LEPPARD+FAITH NO MORE』だと感じるようです。とにかくamazon.comのReviewを読むとジーンとキてしまいます。

I'm so pleased to see other people digging this CD. My story of this band starts in '91. I was in a band and my singer used to collect guitar mags like crazy. He showed me this article on a student of Joe Satriani. The one quote that really stuck out was that Joe said that after a long day of giving lessons, he always looked forward to his lessons with Jeff Tyson (now spells it Geoff). Claiming it was like a breath of fresh air. This intrigued me knowing Joes' talents, so I checked out the music of his band T-Ride. And all I can say is I found a CD that I will probably listen to off and on for the rest of my life. I still have the CD I bought in '92. This music was so far ahead of it's time. And the fact that they made it themselves was amazing as well. To all who loves this CD as I do, spread it like wild fire. This CD deserves to be heard. I would also love to see it used well in a cool "david fincher" type of movie.


That's how somebody somewhere (was it Metal Hammer back in the day when Metal Hammer was METAL Hammer?) described this, and, while it's a hawk-eyed observation, even that comparison to great music such as Leps and FNM doesn't do justice to T-Ride, because they have their own very special thing going. Through the wonder of internet, I became acquainted with this outstanding but toooo short-lived band. By the GODS, what a hugely original AND great album! Tight to the extreme, well-crafted songs, full of brilliant melodies...and the lyrics are something every aspiring songwriter should take a look at. I beg the guys from T-Ride to make a COMEBACK! And everyone with even the slightest interest for great music to check this orchestra out. And now, to my endless joy, I see that Amazon actually HAS it in stock! For a change! Galactico. Dad......DAD!!!! Ahem, the crrrredit card, thank you very much....


I would have never checked this album out if it weren't for Martin Popoff's book on Heavy Metal. This album is an unknown gem. The production is great and most of the songs have cool grooves and good vocals. I dig Backdoor Romeo (great lyrics), You and Your Friend (should have been huge), Bad Girls and Angels (cool vocals), Fire It Up (great chorus), and Bone Down. Despite the fact that Jeff Tyson was a student of Joe Satriani he does not overplay. Instead he focuses on the songs and plays some great rhythm guitar. Whether you like rock, funk, or dance music this is one of those albums that I think many people can get into. Four and a half stars! Check it out if you can find it!


I was jamming T-ride in the car and just had to stop by Amazon to write a review of this cd .The mood is gothic with tribal rythums and as one of the other reviewers mentioned , the guitar player (and his guitar sound) are extremely brilliant in its display but mixed well at the home studio the band had made to record this album so as to not broadcast the guitar as the dominant sound on cd .Just tweaked very well .The singing has just three peoples voices on it but the studio work has the chorus sounding like a one hundred person chorus . The singing (chorus' as well) are melodic and intriquet and thus doesn't appeal to the main stream morons who prefer the more simple , basic AC/DC aproach to chorus work .Basicly what I'm saying is the cd was released to a music listener base that was trapped in grunge and stupidness .This release is to different and intriquet for most listeners but is a pure gem for those who get it . The melodic direction the songs take are nothing you will hear anywhere else .This cd I would have to say falls mostly under the rock genre or gothic rock mostly .


Such a waste that this band only did one album- however it DID take them 7 years to write and record- lol- so that counts for something. I did happen across Jeff Tyson's website and he has a new band- albeit a BIG departure from T-Ride. WWW.GeoffTyson.Com. Check it out.


An outstanding release!!! I bought it on cassette in the early 90's and it was a very refreshing change from the grunge an ALT. music that ruled guitar rock at the time. More than just a metal album. Too bad this was it for T-Ride. If Amazon had it on CD, I'd buy it in a second!!!!!!


I found this record in a shop that sells only used cds. This was a lucky event in the end because the title is, of course, out of print. A friend of mine told me about this obscure record from the nineties so when I saw it I immediatly decided to buy it. It is a great record which sports a strange tribal metal. There's a tribal rhythm all around the record which is really interesting. Jeff Tyson the leader of the band was a really talented guitar player, a Joe Satriani student actually. But in this records he didn't play solos (except a few terrific lines here and there), he didn't show off but instead he engaged his chops most of all in the rhytmn guitar parts. And you can clearly hear that the guy had chops because he had incredible time sense and precision also in the brief solos he took. In the end his playing all around this album was quite balanced. A really mature approach. The rhythmn textures of the music contened here is always really rich expecially if you consider that this is a metal album. It is convincing, energetic, quite interesting music. It is a shame that this band did only this album. And who knows something about Jeff Tyson nowadays? Too bad.


この作品はT-RIDE唯一のアルバムです。バンドは既にありません。しかし、いつまでたってもこの宝石は輝きを失わないのです(例えBOOK OFFで100円で叩き売られていても・・・TへT)。



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